Team 4


4 Automobiles is a luxury, exotic and classic car retailer based out of Montreal, Canada. Through our focus on highly desirable, performance-oriented and historically significant models, we cater to both local and international customers alike.

We offer a wide range of modern sports cars, collectable classic cars, luxurious daily drivers and exotics with limited depreciation, stable re-sale values and/or appreciation potential. Our mission is to buy, sell and trade to car world’s greatest hits.

Our 4-man team has nearly 20 years of combined experience in high-end automotive sales, vehicle import/export, and classic car appraisal and acquisition. We’re intimately aware of how important trust, transparency and full disclosure are in the sale or purchase of a vehicle.

Felix Decarie

Co-Owner // Sales

Using a sales philosophy founded on transparency, professionalism and unrivaled customer service, Felix has spent the better part of a decade building lasting relationships with car buyers, sellers and industry experts from around the world.

Starting out in the automotive industry as a certified mechanic, Felix quickly discovered his knack for sales and a love of helping enthusiasts acquire the perfect automobile. He’s a problem solver who will offer expert guidance on your purchase and won’t quit until you’re completely satisfied.

Dream car: 1992 Ferrari 348 TB Serie Speciale

(514) 803-8283

Erik Bashatly

Co-Owner // Branding & Sales

Fascinated with anything you can drive since before he could, Erik’s journey into the automotive world did not occur by chance. Through a depth of car knowledge and an extensive technology background, he’s brought his modern approach to an aging industry in desperate need of progress.

Erik is dedicated to building a brand that represents automotive excellence for enthusiasts and demanding buyers alike. An excellent reference if you’re looking for guidance or recommendations.

Dream car: 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB

(514) 975-0003

Alexandre Tardif

Co-Owner // Buying

Constantly hunting down the most unique and sought-after cars he can put his hands on, Alex approaches car buying in much the same way he does everything else: with honesty, diligence and a positive attitude.

Alex understands the ins and outs of what makes a vehicle valuable, reliable and, most importantly, desirable. If he can’t find it, it probably doesn’t exist!

Dream car: 1962 AC Ace

(514) 999-7144

Edouard Dalin Bergeron

Co-Owner // Buying

Edouard’s automotive knowledge and expertise is only rivaled by his mastery of numbers. Combine these two skills and you’re left with an astute buyer who ensures that the right price is paid for every vehicle offered to our customers.

His unique perspective and sharp insights allow us to offer the best automobiles to our customers at the fairest prices.

Dream car: 1992 McLaren F1

(514) 662-7419